If you are interested in applying to be Dashi's Assistant Manager, please read the following and fill out the form below!  Our management team will contact you to schedule an interview.

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Dashi is a driven, passionate and detail oriented team of dedicated people who want to be part of something special.  Hospitality is about people; the guests, the team, the community. Dashi will be a place for us all to work hard together to create an incredible place both to eat and drink, as well as to work!  We look forward to meeting you!


Workload of 40-50 hours a week.
Dining room is open 11:30 am – 2:30pm and 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm.  Izakaya is open 5pm – 2am.

20-30 hours a week working during the busiest service times.  5-10 hours a week completing management related office work.  5-10 hours a week administering inventory, staff development, meetings with management team and ownership, ordering and quality assurance. 

Assistant Manager and Principal are responsible for all FOH operations. 

The Dashi Assistant Manager manages:

  • All FOH operations: The first floor ramen shop (ramen bowl and small plate service in the dining room), and the second story floor (bar and small plate service in the izakaya). 
  • food and beverage sales.
  • door and flow of service.
  • service bar during evening shifts for bar as well as dining room.
  • beer, wine and liquor inventory for the entire restaurant.
  • beverage inventory and cost analysis.

The Assistant Manager’s primary goals are to:

Find and lead a service staff that provides exemplary customer service.  The Assistant Manager’s team includes:

  • Servers
  • Host
  • Head bartender (late night manager)
  • Bartenders
  • Cocktail Servers
  • Food Runners

Principal will manage overarching restaurant goals that will be carried out by Assistant Manager.  Clear and consistent communication with owners will also be necessary.

Meet profit and sales goals.  Assistant Manager assists Principal in order to:

  • track inventory to deter theft.
  • manage food and beverage costs.
  • track invoices, POS, etc. 
  • assist in running Dashi’s beverage program, cocktail recipe creation and beer selection.  Assistant Manager will also lead cocktail development.
  • Assist in food and beverage related education and development for all Dashi FOH staff.
  • order all items needed for beverages at Dashi, manage all beverage related inventory and pays invoices for beverage related product.
  • ensure consistency and excellence in the delivery of all food and beverages to all guests at Dashi.
  • Provide excellent omakase meal experiences and private dining experiences.  Assistant Manager fields omakase inquires, trains service staff, and handles the guest experience through the completion of the private party, ensuring exemplary service.

Assist Principal in order to manage all FOH staff

  • Scheduling and labor cost management
  • Create a professional and positive work environment
  • Maintaining dish and cocktail resources that are easily accessible for staff


Being the primary manager of the izakaya means providing clear communication to Principal and owners about daily progress in the izakaya.  This includes:

  • Daily and detailed shift reports
  • Daily line ups and clear communication to staff
  • Coming prepared with numbers and updates to weekly management meetings


How your work will be measured:

  • sales and margin goals
  • client feedback/satisfaction
  • labor cost goals
  • profitability goals
  • staff retention and morale


Things we love:

  • Team members that take pride in their work.
  • Working with people who do their best to give 100% everyday!
  • Team members who strive to be just a little better at their job everyday, and who create something incredible that they are proud of each day they come to work.


Things we don’t love:

  • Employees that complain and gossip about guests and co-workers.
  • Excuses for less than excellent work, or shortcuts that compromise quality.
  • Inelegant, poorly designed systems.
  • Inefficiency, wasted time, and laziness.


Hours and Working Expectations

Managing front of house operations at Dashi will require long hours and attention to detail.  We want a manager who will take ownership of our restaurant and who wants to be a part of a management team that will set the tone at Dashi.  The Assistant Manager will work under the direction of the Principal to ensure consistent food and beverage service in the dining room and izakaya.  It is the job of the Assistant Manager to identify problems with service, and then to design and implement solutions.  You must be a self-starter, with great people and leadership skills.


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